Saturday, April 1, 2017

Our Film Won as Best Comedy!

Don Circles the Drain

Best Comedy at 2016 Wildwood Film Festival

The film being described in this blog won the award of Best Comedy at the 2016 Wildwood Film Festival, Appleton, Wisconsin. We were competing against five other very funny comedies which makes the win all the sweeter.

Those other comedies, all worth seeing if you get the chance, are: 

Just God
Hi, Neighbor
The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb, Jr.
Split Ends

I believe our film "Don Circles the Drain" beat out the competition mostly due to the amazing craftsmanship of our editor and director, Robert Lughai. Besides being funny (always a good idea when entering a film in the comedy category) the editing was sharp and tight and there were awesome special effects.

Thank you Robert!

Later at the 2016 Driftless Film Festival, "Don Circles the Drain" was unofficially dubbed a one-beer film meaning the judges needed only one beer to get through the film (other film submissions required many, many beers followed by hangovers). Two of the judges raved it was their favorite movie. In December 2016, "Don Circles the Drain" was singled out for a special preview showing by the Critical Edge Film Festival.


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