Sunday, April 2, 2017

Is it done? (Posted Fall of 2015)

Is It Done?

It is done!

What was conceived in July 2013 as a promotional trailer for a feature length comedy became a finished short film by summer's end 2015. 

But this adventure really began in the Spring of 2011. This blog will document what happened when someone without a clue decided to write a screenplay and transform it into a movie.

It was interesting, fun and highly educational. Especially that last thing: educational. 

No better way to learn than by doing!

The wrap party took place at the end of July 2015 and the final version (hopefully) of the master was finished in early September. We now are submitting to film festivals.

If you wish to view the press kit, still pictures and a brief trailer for this film, "Don Circles the Drain" (originally titled "The Weather Report"), please check out my co-producer and director's blog at:

Below is a posting of Film Festival results followed by an ongoing series of blog entries describing what it is like to make an independent film.

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